7 schools and leisure centres are established for crucial professions workers’ children

1 March (update: 15 March)

With the new state of emergency, in-person education in primary schools was cancelled and kindergartens closed as of 1 March. The Czech Government has assigned regional governors and the Mayor of Prague to provide for care for children (aged 2 to 10 years) of workers in the integrated rescue system, critical infrastructure, security forces and other selected professions. In Brno, 7 schools and leisure time centres are established for children of workers in these professions.

Schools run by the City of Brno and its city districts:

Základní a mateřská škola Merhautova 37 (primary school and kindergarten). Contact details: Headmaster Jana Foltýnová, 731 610 261 or 545 211 651.

Základní škola Svážná 9 (primary school). Contact details: Headmaster Petr Punčochář, 603 272 646 or 547 427 111.

Základní a mateřská škola Vedlejší 10 (primary school and kindergarten). Contact details: Headmaster Jan Harmata, 547 218 198, 602 546 208.

Mateřská škola Vážka (kindergarten). Contact details: Headmaster Yvona Šebestová, 606 34 66 86. E-mail questions can be sent also to msrybnicka@seznam.cz.

Mateřská škola NA OSADĚ (kindergarten). Contact details: Headmaster Jana Křivánková, tel. 733 11 13 23 or e-mail info@msnaosade.cz.

Facilities run by the South Moravian Region:

Lipka – Brno school facility for environmental education, contributory organization. Contacts can be found on their website: https://www.lipka.cz/lipka-en

Lužánky – Brno leisure time centre, contributory organization. Telephone numbers are listed here: https://www.luzanky.cz/Kontakt (in Czech)

The text of the regulation can be found here (in Czech).