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in relation to the COVID-19 disease outbreak

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Public charitable collection of the City of Brno

The City of Brno has launched a public charitable collection. Collected funds will be used to make good damages and solve problems caused by the coronavirus. In the first instance, they will be used in the area of social care.

News from Brno

Applying for an ID card or driving licence with a prior order preferably

It is better to have a prior electronic order for a specific time to visit the Administrative Activities Department (ID cards, travel passports) and Transport Administrative Activities Department (driving licences, vehicle register). Without this prior electronic order citizens will be treated as well, but possible waiting time needs to be counted with. Prior arrangement of appointments is needed also at the Trade Licensing Office and we recommend it at all other departments, too. More information in the Authorities and Institutions section.

Brno hospitals still forbidden to visitors, except for Vojenská nemocnice

The governmental ban of visits to hospitals and nursing homes was lifted on 25 May. However, with regard to strict hygienic conditions most Brno hospitals still do not allow for visits. The only exception is the Vojenská nemocnice. We recommend to check for current situation at individual institutions’ websites.

Most municipal kindergartens to open on 18 or 25 May

Over 130 kindergartens run by the City of Brno and its city districts can reopen after the state of emergency ends. The specific date was chosen by the kindergarten’s management upon an agreement with the founder. Most of them will open on 18 or 25 May. A complete list of kindergartens with their reopening date can be found here.
Governmental regulations

UPDATED: 25 May 2020, 9:52

  • From 25 May covering one’s mouth and nose is obligatory only in public indoor spaces (shops, authorities, post office…) and in public transport. People do not have to wear a protection if keeping at least 2-meter distance from others (this does not apply to household members). As until now, face masks do not have to be worn by children up to 2 years of age, children in kindergartens, pupils and students at lessons maintaining 1.5-meter distance, office workers maintaining 2-meter distance or people working in high temperatures.
  • The last large wave of relaxing the measures started on 25 May. Indoor spaces of bars and restaurants have opened (with possible opening hours between 6:00 and 23:00), fast food outlets in shopping centres, hotels and accommodation facilities, castles or swimming pools, wellness centres and saunas. Further information can be found here
  • Between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. only senior citizens over 65 years of age and people with the “ZTP/P certificate of person with disability” over 50 years of age are allowed to enter large shops (foodstuffs and drugstores) of more than 500 m². There is no such restriction for shopping in smaller shops, however, the above mentioned should be given preference from other customers.
  • Events up to 300 people are allowed.