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Current statistics on the development of the COVID-19 epidemic in Brno and the South Moravian Region can be found here.

The construction of a reserve hospital started at Brno Fairgrounds

With regard to the deteriorating epidemic situation, the construction of a reserve hospital started at Brno Fairgrounds. The hospital will be used for patients ill with COVID-19 in case of unavailable beds in hospitals. The construction itself should take a week. Another week is reserved for the installation and transport of needed medical equipment and material, to be done by the Merciful Brothers Hospital together with the University Hospital Brno. The planned capacity of the facility located in the G2 hall is 302 beds. The costs for the construction of the reserve hospital are calculated to CZK 1.6 mil. excl. VAT. Operating costs per moth are estimated to CZK 4 mil. excl. VAT, not counting the medical staff’s salaries. The…

SAKO: How to handle waste during pandemic

Does a paper face mask belong to sorted waste? Do covid-19-infected have to do anything special about their waste? Will the waste collection centres be closed due to governmental regulations? The SAKO Brno municipal company gives answers to basic questions concerning waste during the pandemic. Disposable face masks – sort or not sort? Always throw your used disposable face masks into mixed waste. If you sorted them and threw into a coloured container, they would go to a sorting line whose staff would get in contact with them. From the mixed waste dustbin, though, they go straight to the incinerator, being machine-handled throughout their way from the dustbin lorry to the boiler. Moreover, the high temperature of the incineration destroys…

Driving licences expired during the state of emergency can be used as valid

If your driving licence expires during the state of emergency announced from 5 October, you do not have to hurry to the municipality. You can use the expired licence as if it was valid for the whole duration of the state of emergency. We recommend you to make an electronic order for the appointment to apply for a new one. Although dates are available for later time only, the exchange of driving licence is not so urgent now and by reserving your date you can avoid possible lengthy queueing. The reservation can be done here (system in Czech only). More information can be found at the Ministry of Transport website (in English). This measure does not apply to identity cards.
Governmental regulations

UPDATED: 27 October 2020, 19:29

Since 5 October the Czech Republic has been under a state of emergency for 30 days.

The Government tightens up current regulations as of 28 October 0:01 a.m. 

Complete curfew applies at night between 21:00 and 4:59 (text of regulation in Czech). There are exceptions for travelling to work, to health facilities or home. Walking a dog during this period is possible only within a radius of 500 metres from home.

The Government also requires employers to use remote work if the job’s character and conditions allow employees to work from home. The final decision is up to a company management.

Public charitable collection of the City of Brno

The City of Brno has launched a public charitable collection. Collected funds will be used to make good damages and solve problems caused by the coronavirus. In the first instance, they will be used in the area of social care.