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in relation to the COVID-19 disease outbreak

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Public charitable collection of the City of Brno

The City of Brno has launched a public charitable collection. Collected funds will be used to make good damages and solve problems caused by the coronavirus. In the first instance, they will be used in the area of social care.

News from Brno

Call for hoteliers: Apply for privileged BRNOPAS

The City of Brno and TIC have prepared a call for hotels and other collective accommodation facilities in the framework of tourism support. 7,000 privileged 3-day BRNOPAS cards will be distributed among involved entities (for a price of CZK 100, while regular price is CZK 490). More information (in Czech language only) can be found here.

ID cards expired during state of emergency are invalid; driving licences validity prolonged

Documents that expired during the state of emergency could be used as valid ones then. While this measure ended together with the state of emergency in case of ID cards, there is an EU regulation for driving licences which automatically extends their validity with seven months. It is necessary to apply for a new ID card which expired during the state of emergency as soon as possible. The reservation system for the Administrative Activities Department can be found here (page in Czech language only). You will be treated without a reservation as well – then you need to count with a possible waiting time. The situation is different with traffic-related documents. The EU regulations says that validity of periodic trainings,…

Waste fee: cash payment possible from 15 June

The cash office at Šumavská street where people use to pay for the waste collection fee will open on 15 June. Only one cash desk is going to be open so that the recommended two-metre distance between people can be kept. However, we still recommend to pay cashlessly – via bank transfer, Brno iD municipal services e-shop or postal order. More at
Governmental regulations

UPDATED: 1 July 2020, 8:13

  • Since 1 July the general obligation to wear a face mask in all outdoor and indoor spaces has been lifted; wearing face masks remains obligatory in local outbreak areas only. ATTENTION: a face mask is still obligatory in all health care and social welfare establishments (i.e. hospitals, surgeries, pharmacies, nursing homes, etc.).
  • Events up to 1,000 people are allowed. Mass events held in premises with separated sectors (e.g. sports stadium sectors): up to five sectors for 1,000 people each (i.e. altogether 5,000 people) can be open at a time. The sectors need to have their own entrances, participants cannot move from one sector to another and they should keep the 1.5-metre distance.
  • When travelling from most EU countries, people do not have to have a negative COVID-19 test when crossing the Czech borders, neither they have to undergo a quarantine. The list of countries to be updated on a weekly basis can be found at the Ministry of Health website. Please watch also conditions for entering the destination country, e. g. at the Ministry of Interior website.