For those ill and under quarantine

If you are not sure about your state of health and how to act, call your practitioner for advice.

A list of COVID-19 testing centres can be found here (in Czech only).

Having symptoms?

Symptoms of the COVID-19 disease:

  • shortness of breath/breathing difficulties not related to cough 
  • fever lasting more than 2 days 
  • dry cough
  • loss of sense of taste and smell that is not related to other illnesses (rhinitis, sinus infection etc.)

What to do?

→ If you have a fever lasting more than 2 days, or dry cough without fever, contact your practitioner by phone. 
→ If you have only a fever for a shorter time than 2 days, it is probably not coronavirus. In this case stay at home quarantine, watch your health state and use antipyretics. 
→ If you are short of breath, or have a fever and dry cough at the same time, call 155 immediately and follow the operator’s instructions. 

More information can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website.

What to do if under quarantine?

  1. Stay at home. 
    • Do not go to work, school, public places and do not use public transport or taxi unless you are told it is safe.
    • If you need help to get your shopping of foodstuffs, other goods or medicines, you need to ask another person for help or order it by phone or online. Mention in the instructions that the shopping has to be left outside, at the porch or other suitable place.
  2. Before visiting your practitioner, give him/her a phone call. 
  3. Isolate yourself from other people in your household. Avoid sharing joint rooms as well as the articles of daily use, if possible.  
  4. Wash your clothes, ideally in water with temperature over 60 °C.
  5. Do not sort waste. Put all the waste in a thick bag (or two thinner ones), tie it up when full and disinfect its surface. Do not leave it by the bin (protect the dustmen). Wash your hands before and after handling the bag.

Advice and recommendations for home quarantine were prepared by the National Institute of Public Health.