For volunteers

Do you want to help, but cannot offer your time? Other options can be found here

MUNI helps

Volunteers in Brno are coordinated by the Masaryk University. MUNI students as well as other individuals can register. Volunteers help for example with babysitting for children of the Integrated Rescue System staff or with shopping for senior citizens. You can register here.  

Face masks sewing

Volunteers from the initiative are involved in production of face masks for organizations caring for people in danger. The website is in English langugage, too. 

You can get involved from home or collectively in provided spaces – e.g. in Podaná kavárna or Industra

Corona help

English information for foreigners – where to order meals, tips for homeschooling or where to look for or offer help. Website at

Further links

Further links can be found at the Czech version of this website as most of them are in Czech language only.