Immobile seniors can get vaccinated at home, two vaccination teams at the disposal

Seniors 80+ who, for their state of health, are not able to present themselves for the covid-19 vaccination at the fairgrounds can make use of the mobile vaccination team from February. Starting on 26 January, the service can be arranged at the 771 135 452 number (operated on weekdays 8–12 and 13–15). The following information will be required: name and surname, date of birth, place where the vaccination is to be made, and telephone contact. The operator will record this information and then will contact applicants with a vaccination date.

Two vaccination teams comprising a physician, nurse and administrator will be provided by the Poliklinika Zahradníkova. With regard to the vaccination process (e.g. the need to wait for 30 minutes because of possible allergic reaction) and to transfers, they will vaccinate just several people a day. Therefore, this service is only for immobile people who cannot get out of their homes. Those seniors who only find it difficult to get to/from the fairgrounds can use the Seniorbus service ordering it at 731 518 348. The availability of vaccination terms is related to the number of vaccines delivered.

Please note that both the telephone numbers are operated in Czech.