SAKO: How to handle waste during pandemic

Does a paper face mask belong to sorted waste? Do covid-19-infected have to do anything special about their waste? Will the waste collection centres be closed due to governmental regulations? The SAKO Brno municipal company gives answers to basic questions concerning waste during the pandemic.

Disposable face masks – sort or not sort? Always throw your used disposable face masks into mixed waste. If you sorted them and threw into a coloured container, they would go to a sorting line whose staff would get in contact with them. From the mixed waste dustbin, though, they go straight to the incinerator, being machine-handled throughout their way from the dustbin lorry to the boiler. Moreover, the high temperature of the incineration destroys viruses and other pathogens safely.

For precautionary reasons, ill people or those under quarantine should not sort their waste. The sorting lines’ staff would be again endangered by contact with them. Put all the waste in a tied up bag and then in mixed waste; ideally, disinfect the bag’s surface. More information here.

Waste collection centres remain open. However, the rules of their operation are adjusted to be in line with governmental regulations. Wearing face masks and keeping distance is a matter of course. Only one person (or one car) will be allowed to enter, and only after he/she leaves, another one will be let in. The staff will advise people about the proper containers, but for hygienic reasons they will not help with handling the waste. This is also why the collection of items at REUSE and RENAB points is suspended.

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