For parents

Please check your school’s website for specific information.

  • Kindergartens are open and work without restrictions.
  • The 1st stage of primary schools is open as before, there are restrictions for music lessons (singing).
  • The 2nd stage of primary schools: classes will alternate in-present and distance education on a weekly basis (half of whole classes will be in school and half at home, after a week they will switch) so that the number of pupils present in school reduces to a half; restrictions for music lessons (singing) and physical education apply.
  • Secondary schools, vocational schools, conservatories, universities and colleges switch to distance education, with certain exceptions.
  • Six- and eight-year grammar schools – the stage corresponding to secondary schools will be on distance education; the stage corresponding to primary schools will be on in-person education (the classes will not alternate on a weekly basis).
  • Elementary schools of arts – education is cancelled, except for the “one-on-one” regime.
  • Language schools accredited for state language examinations – education is cancelled.
  • Leisure time centres and school clubs – personal presence of children, pupils and students is not allowed.
  • The autumn holidays are prolonged to the whole week from 25 to 30 October.