The City will relieve COVID-affected businessmen of part of their rents, applications to be submitted by end of May

This year’s May, June and July’s rent at half the price. This is how the City wants to support businessmen who have rented municipal commercial spaces and at the same time, the governmental restrictions have banned or limited their business considerably (e.g. to a take-away window only). This measure does not apply to properties administered by city districts, their leaders decide about possible compensations independently.

After postponing the payable date for rents (press release in Czech) which was approved by the City councillors at the end of March, the City follows with another step to support local businessmen in reaction to announced governmental compensation programmes. For May, June and July, they can pay a half-price rent only. It is necessary to apply for this support and it will be provided to all tenants who meet the conditions – i.e. those who have rented commercial spaces from the Municipality, who have had to limit their business significantly, e.g. by operating a take-away window only, or have had to stop it completely, and who do not have any debts for the rent and associated services for the period till the end of 2020, or will pay for this debt by the end of May as the case may be.

The application form (in Czech), universal for tenants from any municipal department, can be found on the city’s website. Applications are to be submitted by the end of May.