The vaccination centre at the fairgrounds has moved to Bohunice hospital

After nine months, the first large-scale vaccination centre in the Czech Republic ended its operation at the exhibition centre. During this time, 400,000 vaccination doses were administered there. FN Brno – the University Hospital – will continue administering vaccines, in a smaller capacity, directly in its Bohunice premises.

The role of the exhibition centre in the Covid-19 pandemic is over for the moment being. As of 31 August, both the Podané ruce sampling centre and FN Brno vaccination centre closed up. Initially, the G2 Hall was ready to serve as a field hospital which was not needed in the end, and that was why it transformed into the vaccination centre. 400,000 doses have been administered and over a thousand volunteers have taken part. “It was not always easy, plenty of complications ensued, and the more I appreciate the capabilities and willingness of the staff able to tackle all obstacles, overcome psychic pressure, keep the centre going, flexibly react to required changes, and vaccinate hundreds of thousands of those interested in it. I would like to thank sincerely and heartily to all individuals and their teams without whom it would be impossible to launch and run the vaccination centre smoothly,” said Ondřej Ludka, FN Brno’s Deputy Director for health care. 

Of course, there will still be a chance to get the vaccine in Brno. A list of all vaccination centres can be found here; sampling centres are here (both lists are in Czech only).