Traffic in Brno

Measures in public transport

  • Trams, buses and trolleybuses have switched to regular timetables since 1 September.
  • It is obligatory to have covered one’s nose and mouth during the whole ride.
  • Front door of buses and trolleybuses in zones 100 + 1001 can be used only for getting off, not for boarding. 
  • Doors open automatically. However, this does not affect the obligation to give the driver a signal when getting on and off with baby carriages and strollers, requesting the platform to be ejected, etc.
  • Increased disinfection of cars during their daily cleansing and ventilation of cars at final stops are carried out.
  • Drivers in zones 100 + 101 do not sell tickets. This measure does not apply to regional connections where buses are equipped with cash registers.
  • Detailed information can be found at the Public Transport Company’s website.


  • So-called blue zones have been operated as usual since 28 April 2020. They were free of charge from mid-May to 27 April due to a governmental regulation.
  • The validity of long-term parking permits will be prolonged to all owners for the period the parking is free of charge (currently from 16 March to 30 April, i.e. 6 weeks). This will happen automatically by 26 April 2020 and the change will be visible at the personal user account. This measure applies to residents, visitors and subscribers for the B parking zone.
  • The contact centre at Zvonařka 5 is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 to 17:00, on Fridays from 8:00 to 12:00. Electronic handling of issues is recommended. Contacts can be found here.
  • Applications for Personal User Account for residential parking may be temporarilly filed by e-mail (