What will the beginning of the school year be like? With tests and without face masks

From 25 August, the Brno City Municipality coordinated the delivery of antigen tests to Brno schools – primary, secondary and conservatories. The tests were delivered by municipality employees with help of voluntary firemen. The first round of testing of pupils will start on 1 September.

The firemen brought the boxes with antigen tests from the state reserves to their regional headquarters at the beginning of this week and on Wednesday, 25 August, municipal drivers and voluntary firemen delivered the 164 thousand kits directly to 119 schools. Within the South Moravian Region, a total of 454 thousand tests were delivered. The 16 Brno schools that have decided for PCR tests had to provide for them themselves. The state contributes CZK 200 per piece of this type of test. 

The testing of children at schools will start at the beginning of the school year. In the first round, tests are scheduled for 1, 6 and 9 September. Only first graders will have their first test on 2 September to enjoy their first school day without troubles. Further proceedings will follow the current epidemic situation with possible regular weekly testing.

There is an exception from these rules for pupils, students and teachers or school employees who are fully protected by vaccination or can show their own valid test from a laboratory. People who underwent the Covid-19 disease before 180 or fewer days do not have to undergo testing either.

Pupils and students who do not want to undergo testing, will be obliged to wear a respirator or other protection (FFP2/KN 95 class) or a surgical face mask for the whole time of classes.

Detailed information can be found here (in Czech only).